Data Management

The Phase I Pilot Project produced a very comprehensive database and Final Report focused on the major elements of the project, including the acoustic map data, the sediment grain size data, the sediment environment data, the ecological data and physical oceanography data.

The Phase I established a repository for the long-term archiving of these data sets hosted by Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) on its Marine Geosciences Data System

The following summary points were extracted from the Executive Summary of the Phase I Pilot Area Final Report:

  • The data management efforts of the Pilot Project are intended to (1) ensure that partners have access to data during the project to facilitate the creation of final data products, (2) ensure long-term preservation and open access to data generated during the Pilot Project, and (3) establish and refine procedures and protocols for documenting, sharing and archiving data that may be acquired during subsequent efforts.
  • In order to meet the needs of all partners with respect to access to data, two parallel data management efforts were undertaken. While these two efforts share some common elements, they provide technical solutions for two different use-cases. The LISMaRC data portal provides infrastructure for direct machine access to a subset of data with a focus on data access by numerical models. The LIS Data Portal at LDEO provides a comprehensive metadata catalog and long-term data stewardship solution focused on open access and preservation of all data products (raw and derived) and metadata, ensures compliance with metadata standards, and includes links to related content in distributed data systems.
  • Guidelines and workflows have been developed to facilitate data management and integration into the LIS Data Portal @ LDEO, which is responsible for ensuring long-term data curation. The Data Management Efforts undertaken as part of the Pilot Project demonstrate that existing infrastructure can be used to manage data acquired through this effort.

The Phase I Pilot Project also produced a detailed Final Report with Appendixes that provided an in-depth summary of all aspects of the project. The Final Report and Appendixes can be found here: